"'Rebuilders' is right!
"I brought in my sad, torn up cowboy boots for a tune up. Let's just say that each aspect of them was falling apart . . . [The man working there] was clear about what he could and could not do . . . I gave him a deposit of 20 dollars and was told to call back in a week.
"I called a week to the day. They had them ready! I came in, the man called me 'Sweetpea', I picked them up and they put them in a nice bag for me. The whole detailing was 60 dollars, plus tax.
"Upon arriving home, I got to examine the handiwork up close and was very impressed. There was a complete reconstruction of the heel, new sole on the bottom and it was all pieced back together. I wasn't even expecting this but the leather was treated so it was buttery smooth and shiny! They looked like a completely new pair of boots, except it was even better than that because they were MY boots - just better!”

- quote borrowed from yelp.ca

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  Novelty Shoe Rebuilders Ltd.  
  119 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M5C 1W4  
  416 364 8878